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Mar 28 2012

Henry Regis Fraczek Pictures of Henry Henry Regis Fraczek - born March 28th, 2012 at 14:14 in Houston, Texas. Born at 8 lb and 3 oz (~3.7 kg) and 21.5 inches (~52 cm). Mom and Henry are doing just fine!

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May 15 2011

San Antonio Trip! San Antonio Trip Pictures As part of our mission to explore Texas we went on a little trip to San Antonio. Although we were short on time, we managed to vist the Riverwalk, Seaworld and The Alamo. Take a look in the gallery to see 15 pictures from our trip.

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MAR 22 2011

USS Texas Gallery Added! USS Texas Picture I managed to take a little trip to USS Texas last weekend -- what an amazing exhibit! See it for yourself here

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JAN 18 2011

Oliver's Gallery Added! Oliver Fraczek It took me the longest time to gather some good shots of the bundle of joy! He's one interesting character -- mellow and very peaceful but down to the point. It's amazing how early certain personality traits can be observed!

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SEP 02 2010

Houston's Rules of The Road - as I see them. Houston Rules of The Road So few weeks into the move to Texas I started compiling a list of Houston "rules of the road" (if they actually exist). Drivng on the super wide and fast moving Texas highways is by far this is the hardest thing to get accustomed to for me. But of course some drivers here don't make it easier for me.


AUG 21 2010

New Gallery - Sea Wolf Park USS Cavalla and USS Stewart So I couldn't resist to vist the rich in history Sea Wolf park in Galveston, TX. It's a magical place for submarine nuts like me! Please visit my gallery for USS Cavalla pictures!

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